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Smart Solutions for Turning Long Work Pieces

If you have long workpieces then the Gurutzpe GLX13 series may be the right machine for you.

The GLX13 10 9 will handle up to a 355" long workpiece

The machine features:

11 independent axis featuring 2 fully independent X/Z carriages.

2 - 12 position turrets with live tools

A special shaft chuck with retractable jaws and face drivers, with 3 auto compensating jaws for complete piece machining in one setup.

Fully programmable tailstock.

100/120 HP motor

6 fully programmable hydraulic steady rests with automatic clamping

60 bar coolant pump

Full enclosure with automatic doors.

FAMOC System available for fast change over to multiple machining operations, such as Milling, Boring, Drilling, Grinding, Measuring.

Gurutzpe has the solution for long smaller diameter bar turning,

Featuring the GLX series with programmable hydraulic steady rests.

With the GLX design the steady rests reposition along the bed without causing any interference issues that require operator intervention.

Automatically with in the CNC program, the steady rests reposition to provide support near the cut, or act as a programmable follow rest and eliminate bar whippage.

Improved tolerances and better finishes are the result.

With a special shaft chuck with retractable jaws and face drivers, along with auto compensating jaws, provide complete piece machining in one setup.

To see the GLX in action go to :

for additional information contact

Dan Walker at Buckley Owens


Buckley Owens Machinery -

6416 Fly Road

East Syracuse NY 13056 (315) 432-0708 - (315) 382-5024 mobile

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