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Gurutzpe has built a reputation on delivering excellent CNC flat bed and Multi-tasking lathes.  

Gurutzepe has over 5,000 lathes  installed.

Incorporating highly-demanding turning operations with other non-traditional lathe operations in a single machine provides great versatility and offers a significant improvement in productivity.


Fast Machining Operation Change System

Our quick change system provides an easy semi- automatic solution, without major investment. 

Gurutzpe From The Basque region Spain is the  European leader in heavy duty CNC lathes. With over 50 years of experience

  • Turning 

  • Milling 

  • Boring 

  • Drilling 

  • Threading 

  • Grinding 

  • Tool & Piece  Measuring


Solid bedway, headstock and tailstock on monoblock GG-30 casting, maximizing. Maximizing stiffness and damping parameters. 




Fast Machining Operation Change System

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