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Ideal for machining multi-sided parts and those with complex geometry, Horizontal Machining Centers reduce labor cost-per-part by decreasing setup time and operator touches eliminating the need 
to move parts from one machine to another, and reducing the number of fixtures required. Giddings and Lewis HMCs also increase spindle availability so you can take on more work

Horizontal Machining Centers

  • Fives Giddings & Lewis Horizontal Machining C enters - Large capacity Machines utilizing Modular Approach
    Expandable major components – beds and columns ,
    Cast construction of machine components larger 
    Workpiece capacity – envelope providing large swing and weight capacity›
    Higher speeds – axis traverse and acceleration›
    Effective chip and coolant management›
    A family of headstocks  tool changers & pallet changers
    • Several headstocks available including: live spindle, tilt spindle, high torque and high speed
    • Travels
    • Contouring heads and programmable boring bars (available on live spindle models only)
    • Large capacity tool magazines
    • Tool and part probes
    • Controls – Siemens or Fanuc
    • Coolant systems
    • Multiple pallet systems
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