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Do more with less; it’s the mantra of manufacturers worldwide as they look for ways to increase productivity. Turning centers from Fives are designed around this premise with the offer of a wide range of multi-functional capabilities Fives offers Giddings & Lewis vertical turning centers with the capacity, power and accuracy to handle the most demanding machining requirements. 
The optional multi-functional capabilities such as live spindles, side heads and pallet shuttles add flexibility and reduce setups and cycle times.

Vertical Lathe VTC Series

  • Fives’ 1.25 to 4.5 m Giddings & Lewis vertical turning centers have the power, capacity and options that make them the industry standard for vertical turning. The latest innovation is a Y-axis attachment capable of machining off-centerline part features.  

    Giddings & Lewis 5 to 8 meter VTC series Massive parts require equally massive machines.  With the capacity to turn parts up to 9 meters in diameter, weighing more than 250,000 kg, Giddings & Lewis vertical lathes fit the bill.

  • Productive options include

    Live spindles, Side heads, Grinding and Y-axis attachments, Pallet Shuttles

    Modular design allows the choice of many column heights, Z travel and a wide variety of attachments

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