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Gurutzpe's new GSM Mil/Turn Combines all machining operations into a single complete machining process to increase the efficiency of your manufacturing.

The unique machine concept combines a Boring Mill complete with all it's capabilities

Turning - Complete boring capabilities - Multi Axis milling along with Head changing capacity, guarantees unparalleled performance with the highest level of precision.

An investment that pays dividends very quickly.

High flexibility One machine that does it All!

  • Short set-up times

  • Reduction in clamping devices and special tools

  • Efficient transition of the production process

  • Efficient technology optimization

  • Minimal clamping

  • Shorter wait times

  • Less part handling

  • Less intracompany transport

Precise machining of complex parts from materials that are difficult to machine, such as high-strength and corrosion-resistant steel alloys or Inconel grades that are added to the daily trials of complex machining. Maximum output with precision and reliable machining of complex geometries especially in the face of high demands upon the machining process.

This is because the lead time of complex workpieces is substantially reduced by ensuring optimum precision and stability, together with the automatic handling of long and heavy machining tools while still machining to tight tolerance requirements

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